Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's out pool's in

Pools are now offically open for the 2008 season and best of all there is one located right by the riverwalk. So, if you're in the neighborhood taking a run or bike on the riverwalk, you can always cool down at Rigdon Park Leisure Pool on 1835 Riverland Drive. Their number is 706-687-5813. For more information on Columbus pools visit Hannah O'Brien, 6, takes advantage of Ridgon Park Leisure Pool's opening day Wednesday to cool off on their waterslide.
Ashley Cullen runs Leianne Cowart, 2, through the raining mushroom at Rigdon Park.
James Harned, 10, left, and Ladarius Humphries, 11, take turns flipping each other in the shallows at Rigdon Park.
Emily Wood, 6, works on her snorkeling technique as she works her way around the pool at Rigdon Park.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Kayakers come to Columbus

Andy Hobson is surrounded by whitewater as he competes in a kayak surf competition below the Eagle & Phenix Mill Falls Wednesday afternoon. The competition was organized by Chuck Armentrout of Atlanta and is one of three events scheduled as part of the "Hometown Throwdown" series with World Kayak. I've included several other images of the action and just want to thank all who came for being so cool. Thank you, Frank, for taking me over to the island with your boat. Thank you, Joey, for keeping my camera dry on the way back. Chuck, what can I say, but I appreciate you bringing this event here and can't wait for the next one. And for any of you guys I didn't get photographs of, I be sure to look out for during the next event.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A net increases the bet

Felipe Santiago, left, and Cesar Alvarez standby to help haul in the catch as Alejandro Ochoa casts a net into the white water just below the Eagle & Phenix Mill Falls. These guys were a blast to watch. They were like a group of giddy school boys every time they pulled the net in to reveal fish. I wish I could have hung out with them longer, but duty called.
These guys were bursting at the seams when they pulled in this several pound carp.
A reflection of some of the fellas in a pool of water as they leave with their catch.
And I had to grab a quick shot of this dried out and decaying prehistoric looking creature. It might be common for you, but I'm from Ohio and I don't see these all the time up there, dead OR ALIVE!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kids invent the darndest things

This is where it all starts. A fun little competition of moon boot racing with your buddy and as you scroll down you'll see it get more and more interesting. Here Margot McCrillis, left, and her friend, Madison Lewis, share these boots with elastic material inside to... I guess make you feel like you're walking on the moon just before gravity wakes you up on earth and breaks your ankle, but they looked like they were having fun.

Here I think Madison was working on inventing a biathlon of kite flying and moon walking. I'm sure we'll see Madison in London in 2012.
This image is a perfect example of pinch of skill and a pound of perseverance. The sun was setting on 10th street and I really liked having that as a background, as if they were driving their own play vehicle through the city landscape. Anyway, I thought it was cool, to be really honest. The posse included Margot McCrillis, 10, far left in moon boots, uses a cart to push her friends, Amber Wooden, 9, top left, Madison Lewis, 10, Amberlynn Lewis, 8, bottom far left, Bertram Emmanuel, 3, and Quinton Lewis, 6, around during an informal picnic of several staff, students and family members of Columbus State University's Corn Center for the Visual Arts Wednesday afternoon in downtown Columbus.
Poor Margot was not only worn out from pushing all her friends around, but from all the effort so were her socks.
And I couldn't resist getting one of 23-month-old Oskar Israel-Wertz as he starts test trials on his new invention, a croquet club that mows the grass while you play.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A new explorer, a new discovery

On my way to photograph the teacher of the year ceremony Thursday night, I could hear a skateboarder repeatedly trying the same trick over and over just south of the Dillingham Bridge. The sound is familiar to me because I spent much of my youth grinding on curbs and perfecting my kickflips, but back then boards were bigger and my bones healed quicker. What I really enjoyed about photographing Kyle DuBois was the fact that it was purely candid. He didn't even know I made photographs of him until I hollared down to ask his name. I was glad I waited because I might not of gotten this other image. I call it kickflip to text. It's definitely a sign of how natural and common place multi-tasking has become today.