Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A net increases the bet

Felipe Santiago, left, and Cesar Alvarez standby to help haul in the catch as Alejandro Ochoa casts a net into the white water just below the Eagle & Phenix Mill Falls. These guys were a blast to watch. They were like a group of giddy school boys every time they pulled the net in to reveal fish. I wish I could have hung out with them longer, but duty called.
These guys were bursting at the seams when they pulled in this several pound carp.
A reflection of some of the fellas in a pool of water as they leave with their catch.
And I had to grab a quick shot of this dried out and decaying prehistoric looking creature. It might be common for you, but I'm from Ohio and I don't see these all the time up there, dead OR ALIVE!

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Anonymous said...

These are very common fish in the Chattahooche and can be spotted in low current shallow waters. They are called alligator garr