Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photographing one's personality

CSU sophomore art major Gina Alberici was busy setting her camera to timer mode so she could run and take a self-portrait of her feet, so I had to stop.
I chose to focus of her hair which I thought was really a part of her personality. Anything that gets in the way constantly and doesn't bother you has got to be something you really like and therefore says something about YOU. So here you go Gina, evidence to show your professor that you were working. I converted the image of her working to black & white just because I thought it visually read better and I skipped on the feet and focused on the light patches hitting her face and her hair falling through the bench on the second. If Gina sends me her favorite self-portrait I'll post it so we can see how two photographers see the same subject differently.

And I wonder, still I wonder...

Everybody either loves or hates this recent weather we've been having. If you have to work in it it sucks, obviously. On my way to work the other day I saw two garbage men on Second Avenue near the JR Allen Parkway running behind the truck and continuing to make stops and perform their job. Poor guys were soaked to the bone and the misery was dripping from their faces.

But the fishermen and the kayakers are happy about this wet stuff everywhere. There was even a dry moment or two where I managed to catch this family of fishermen right before they ducked under Dillingham Bridge. I'm alright with some rain and overcast. I'll duck under a tree, shelter my camera in my shirt and hope these drops don't stop people from visiting the river.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Inflation can be fun

I was about to head to an assignment that had no deadline Sunday night when I thought I'd take a spin on Bay Avenue and pop my head out to see if there is anyone out on the Riverwalk. This is literally how I stumble upon most the moments I've managed to shoot. To my surprise I saw in the distance several crazy young adults toting an inflated raft on the Phenix City side, so I made my way over there to document their antics. I have to say I was worried for them for not having life vests or anything and I told them as much, but they laughed it off and said they'd be alright. They even tried to get me to go! Not happening folks. It was great to watch, and I have to admit it really looked like a blast, but I wouldn't recommend it. Certainly not without a life vest. Here's to being young and adventurous. It was nice meeting all of you and hope we'll meet again.

Chris Bishop and Heather Willis shoot the rapids below Eagle & Phenix Mill Falls Sunday evening. Along with several of their friends, the two had purchased a raft with the intention of shooting the rapids as a way to beat the heat and boredom.

Clay Plemons, far left, and Savannah Donahue took their turn down with Chris Bishop.

Brian Graves was the only brave one to run the river solo and he kind of looks like he's questioning his decision at this moment, but he made it out just fine.

Here's to you Mr. Williams

I met the very warm and humble Carter Williams the other day and I just wanted to thank him for the conversation. Mr. Williams you remind me that life is fickle and shines or pours on anyone. I appreciate your kind words about my life and work and I hope some day I can humbly and honorably shed light on yours.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simply add water

I walked the Riverwalk north of the Dillingham Bridge and found Tyrone Walker Evan-Floyd cooling off Jessica Combs whether she wanted to be cooled off or not. Combs' son, 3-yr-old Marcus Combs, gets into the game of splashing on his own. But what really had me impressed was the way the little man gravitated towards my camera. I made this portrait of him without telling him where to stand or where to look or nothing. I think we might have a GQ model in the making here right in Columbus.

Sunny with a bit of wet dog in the forecast

I met the lovable 3-month-old Sunny, who is half German shepherd and half rottweiler, taking a dip in one of the fountains at the Columbus Convention & Trade Center recently. His owner, Neil Jones, gets a look from the edge of the fountain in this photo that suggests to me that Sunny is ready to come out of the water now.

Work hard, skate hard

I was fortunate to find Miles Ingram, 19, skateboarding below the Columbus Convention & Trade Center Thursday evening. He told me he had only been skating for a year and had just returned from a year off. You could of fooled me Miles. I was never this good even when I was skating during every waking hour. Ingram is a computer technician with the Lee County Board of Education and takes advantage of his early work day to skate in the evenings. Good luck to you Miles, you'll probably be making more then all of us at the paper before your 21st birthday.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Upside down, river you turn me

I caught Devin Mitchell, 13, ducking the backflip splash of his friend CJ Williams down on the Phenix City side of the Riverwalk Saturday evening. In the second image Williams looks like he's running on water, but really he jumped up while he was already in it and the water ran off him. It has been amazing weather the last few days and I'm so grateful for the break from the oven temps we've been baking in. I can't wait for fall, and foggy mornings, and cool evenings.

For all you Civil War history buffs

The Georgia Civil War Commission will be meeting at 10:30 AM on August 16 at the National Civil War Naval Museum. Part of their agenda is to discuss the sesquincentennial (the 150th Anniv.) of the Civil War. To find out more keep posted to Who knows maybe will get lucky and have a large reinactment here in Columbus. After all this is the location of the last land battle of the war. If I hear more I'll let you know.