Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Portrait of a photographer

I took a stroll downtown when the sun was just beginning to set yesterday and caught Kent Wilson, a junior art major at CSU, photographing the Corn Center for Visual Arts for an assignment in his Photography Two course. Wilson was using a field camera with a drape cloth so he could see the image projected upside down on the glass. The negatives are four inches by five inches which lead to very detailed prints, but his film holder only carries two negatives at a time. "I've gotta be careful because these negatives cost a buck a piece," Wilson said. The last image is a portrait of Wilson I made by photographing the back of the field camera with only the light that came through the glass. I flipped the image over to make it easier on everyone's eyes. Thanks again, Kent and I hope the negatives came out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Signs of warmer days to come

Here are simply a few light-hearted nature photos from a day that seemed to call for appreciation. Maybe tomorrow I'll go a bit deeper, but enjoy these for now. It's always nice when these little guys line up in an interesting pattern when they see you have a camera.
I have to say it was unusual to find this flowered vine blooming underneath the Dillingham Bridge. I wish there was some way to stop that mercury from rising any higher because I could repeat this day over again and again.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Portrait of Frank McMinn

Frank McMinn, 79, spends his Thursday afternoon fishing on the cement pier behind the Convention & Trade Center.(Below is a quick detail shot of the "skipjacks" Frank had caught the day before and was experimenting with as bait.) McMinn says his favorite part of the RiverWalk is the downtown area, but he's ventured greater distances in the past. "When I was 74 I walked from downtown to Fort Benning and back without stopping," McMinn said. His tricycle is his prized mode of transportation and his mission is to simply "get out of the house." He also asked me if I knew when they were going to finish connecting all of the RiverWalk. If I knew I'd be planning a bike trip with you, buddy. Until then tight lines and thank you for your kindness, Frank.

Several days, several moments

Neil Clark, an architect at Hecht Burdeshaw Architects, uses his lunch break on March 10 to ride his Trikke along the Riverwalk. Clark said he decided to buy one of the "three point carving vehicles" after he saw another person riding one downtown one day. "The closest thing I can describe it to is sking down a mountain," Clark said.
I was just returning from another assignment on March 13 and I got lucky enough to catch this hard working crew wrapping up their work on refurbishing the Eagle & Phenix Mills watertower.Erick Talavera, 14, ollies onto a sewer cover along the downtown section of the Riverwalk during the afternoon of March 17. Talavera moved here only a few weeks ago from Atlanta and says he has already riden his skateboard for several miles of the Riverwalk. "You can go fishing, not just skating and the view is tight," Talavera said.
The moon rises behind someone meditating along the RiverWalk on the evening of March 18.