Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweeping landscape on the Riverwalk

I'm teaching a basic photography workshop for CSU downtown and I wanted to highlight a student's work since it was the Riverwalk.(and well done in my opinion) Kyle Brengel took this image at 1/250 sec, f/ 9.0, 100 ISO, with a 21mm lens. Double click on the image to see it large. I teased him and asked if he had paid two small boys to put bright red t-shirts on and run down the stairs, but he didn't. It's just really a perfect slice of life downtown with not to mention clouds that seems to move off your computer screen and into your world. I wish I could highlight all my student's work here. I've really been blessed with a talented batch from all walks of life. Remember you can send me your photos of the Riverwalk and who knows, maybe they'll end up on here for everyone to see. More posts coming sooner then you think.

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