Monday, March 24, 2008

Portrait of Frank McMinn

Frank McMinn, 79, spends his Thursday afternoon fishing on the cement pier behind the Convention & Trade Center.(Below is a quick detail shot of the "skipjacks" Frank had caught the day before and was experimenting with as bait.) McMinn says his favorite part of the RiverWalk is the downtown area, but he's ventured greater distances in the past. "When I was 74 I walked from downtown to Fort Benning and back without stopping," McMinn said. His tricycle is his prized mode of transportation and his mission is to simply "get out of the house." He also asked me if I knew when they were going to finish connecting all of the RiverWalk. If I knew I'd be planning a bike trip with you, buddy. Until then tight lines and thank you for your kindness, Frank.

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Cal Holman said...

Neat story. In cooler times we often walk on the river and wounder about the various fishermen. Great photo and a good story.