Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hopefully keeping my promise to the Great Blue Herons

I was right back at it on Thursday, folks. This time I crawled to the center of the river while the level was low and slowly, over an hour, earned trust to get close to these majestic birds. I was in awe when I saw this heron just darting his head underwater time and time again and bringing up a fish in his beak almost everytime. I shot several dozen images of this, but this was one that you could really make out the fish in his mouth.

This was a bit of practice and a ton of luck. This is the same Great Blue Heron I managed to get the close-up portrait of below. The bird lifted off and I lost him behind some trees, but when he came out I was still following his flight path and managed to get one frame where he happened to be right in front of the falls.

Here I was literally so close that I could only get a portrait of the bird's face as it studied every gesture I made carefully. I am still a bit shocked about being able to get this close even with a zoom lens. Persistence with a heavy dose of patience. I love Columbus. If anyone else knows of a great place to get an alligator, or any other animal along the RiverWalk for that matter, please email me at


Amanda said...

Great pictures! You are very talented.

Cal Holman said...

Wow these birds just keep on giving. Another set of good shots. Love the one flying across the river with the falls in the background.