Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunset worshippers

I caught a few of these guys bathing in the last hours of sunlight last night before going to cover the LOST vote. The last one in the grass thinks I can't see him. A sidebar: If anyone is interested in prints from this site or any of your favorites published in the Ledger-Enquirer, we will be posting a folder of best images to choose and order prints from soon on Pictopia. If you have questions about an image or getting a print made let us know by sending me an email here.


Cal said...

I saw your shot of the Heron agains the watterfall in the paper this wekend. I work in Atlanta and only get to the local paper on the weekend.

It is a great shot wounderful focus and depth oof field. Nice shot.

whocares said...

I don't know if you are a pro or not, but your pictures are. All of them. I hope you get some recognition. That's hard to do around here but I am sure other's have enjoyed them too.