Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And I wonder, still I wonder...

Everybody either loves or hates this recent weather we've been having. If you have to work in it it sucks, obviously. On my way to work the other day I saw two garbage men on Second Avenue near the JR Allen Parkway running behind the truck and continuing to make stops and perform their job. Poor guys were soaked to the bone and the misery was dripping from their faces.

But the fishermen and the kayakers are happy about this wet stuff everywhere. There was even a dry moment or two where I managed to catch this family of fishermen right before they ducked under Dillingham Bridge. I'm alright with some rain and overcast. I'll duck under a tree, shelter my camera in my shirt and hope these drops don't stop people from visiting the river.

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Allison Kennedy said...

I've been caught many a time in the rain while bike riding along the river. You'd be surprised how many nuts like me are out--and also ducks.