Monday, August 18, 2008

Inflation can be fun

I was about to head to an assignment that had no deadline Sunday night when I thought I'd take a spin on Bay Avenue and pop my head out to see if there is anyone out on the Riverwalk. This is literally how I stumble upon most the moments I've managed to shoot. To my surprise I saw in the distance several crazy young adults toting an inflated raft on the Phenix City side, so I made my way over there to document their antics. I have to say I was worried for them for not having life vests or anything and I told them as much, but they laughed it off and said they'd be alright. They even tried to get me to go! Not happening folks. It was great to watch, and I have to admit it really looked like a blast, but I wouldn't recommend it. Certainly not without a life vest. Here's to being young and adventurous. It was nice meeting all of you and hope we'll meet again.

Chris Bishop and Heather Willis shoot the rapids below Eagle & Phenix Mill Falls Sunday evening. Along with several of their friends, the two had purchased a raft with the intention of shooting the rapids as a way to beat the heat and boredom.

Clay Plemons, far left, and Savannah Donahue took their turn down with Chris Bishop.

Brian Graves was the only brave one to run the river solo and he kind of looks like he's questioning his decision at this moment, but he made it out just fine.


heather said...

this was an amazing day. i am so glad we did this... it wasn't lanned. savannah and i bought the raft to go out on the lake by her house, and brian suggested that we take it to the rapids. people always say there's nothing to do in columbus. they just aren't creative enough!

xbriangravesx said...

Congratulations on getting your picture to the front page. Too bad they didn't link it to your blog. You really capture the essence of community that is the Chattahooche.

heather said...

front page woo!!!