Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rumble on the river

I heard the rumble of diesel as I walked along the Riverwalk and discovered they were closing down shop from the two-day Infantry Warfighting Conference at the Columbus Convention & Trade Center. I managed to get there in time to watch Tony Caporaso, an employee for General Dynamics Land Systems, show me how to maneuver a Stryker MGS variant vehicle through the streets of downtown Columbus. And I heard Georgia DMV is allowing a few new rules due to the influx of military expected to fill the roadways with the arrival of BRAC:
Even if the light is green, the tank (or in this case the Stryker variant) has the right of way.
The other rule is that if you park downtown you are supplied with two valets and a trailer to help you parallel park. That way no one can complain that you hogged more then one space and you can quickly move your Stryker before going over the two-hour parking limit.

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Scott said...

Seeing hard battle ready army like this makes me proud to be an American. I know the economy is down and we are in the middle of the worse energy crisis in thiry years, but when you see fire power like this my red, white, and blue blood boils. Boils proud like and eagle flying high into the star filled night. The middle class has been desolved, the dollar is weak, and we have the worse health care of an industrialized nation, but we can blow any other country off the face of the earth! Thank You, President Bush. May the light of our lord Jesus shine on your glorious head.