Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tender, brave, and feathery moments

It has been awhile, and I am sorry for my six loyal viewers who had to look at the same page for two weeks now. I was blessed to capture this private moment yesterday evening while this couple was out walking their dogs. I love seeing people in love at the Riverwalk, but I am always careful not to impose on their private moment. It is a beautiful and challenging theme that I've witnessed on several occasions and I think I'll look harder for it in the future.
I've shot a few kayak pics since I started this blog, but when I saw Mitch Moore setting up to shoot the rapids on the Phenix City side it got me thinking about capturing the moment right before you hit the white water. I wanted to get the focus on his face and a sense of anticipation.

Finally, my little friend here managed to entertain me a little with his antics before I had to leave for my evening assignment.

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