Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good day for hot doggin' and hot dogs

Matt Self is trying to start a revolution of freestyle unicyclers in Columbus. I ran into Matt and his $295 one motorcycle quality wheel ride($350 with upgrades he told me)called a Nimbus behind the Columbus Convention & Trade Center. He's only been riding for eight months, but he's already jumping up and down steps and all other types of tricks that require bravery when it comes to one's crotch area. In the photo he actually managed to balance the unicycle and let go before jumping on. Yeah, I'm thinking "Ouch!" too, but his shorts are also designed with reinforced padding. Viva la one wheel revolucion!

Poor Max, a 4-month-old West Highland Terrier, was taking a break from the heat and a jog in the shade of his owner, Erin Bowser, who was reading the Riverwalk map. Today was Max's first day for learning what jogging was like and if you're wondering why his face looks a little matted, he also learned what a fountain was today. Nervous little fellow until you let him lick you.